Verandah Designs Melbourne

Our Verandahs Create Space

There is no better way to maximize space than a verandah.

Whether you're looking for a way to create a gorgeous space for entertaining or an attractive place to store your vehicles, carports and verandahs offer some amazing possibilities. Here at Modern Solutions, we specialize in verandah design for properties of all sizes and styles. Let us take you through every step of planning, designing and constructing a gorgeous new feature for your home.

Our Designs Can Solve Your Space Dilemma

VerandahsAre you looking for a way to increase square footage that doesn't involve setting down a foundation or building a new room? A verandah can provide you with usable space that won't break the bank or require a complex and timely construction process. Every offering we design at Modern Solutions is made to look sleek and appealing. What's more, we provide a variety of subdued colors that won't look out of place on your property.

Why Do You Need a Verandah?

Are you struggling to find a place to park your car that doesn't create an eyesore?

Do you need a private area to store household items and lawn equipment?

Have you been dreaming of a covered place in the yard where your kids can play?

One of our designs may take care of all of these issues in a snap. We have some amazing options for Melbourne verandahs that will flow flawlessly with your home's design.

Enjoy a Personalized Design

VerandahsWe have many attractive metal options that are designed to make your new addition to your property last for many years to come. You'll love how easy to care for and sturdy each style we offer is. Our knowledgeable team is able to listen to your needs and design a structure that's the perfect size, shape and style for your lifestyle and personal taste. Modern Solutions has the tools, materials and credentials it takes to handle every aspect of crafting and installing a brand new verandah or carport on your property.

Take some time today to browse our selection and discover why we're the verandah builders that Melbourne residents trust for beauty and quality time and again.



"We had Darren and his team at Modern Solutions build a verandah for us and we are very happy with the result. The job was completed on time by professionals who care about their quality of work and the clean up afterwards meant there was nothing left for us to do. The quote was well within the budget we had for this project and I am more than happy to recommend them, will be getting more work done by Darren in the near future."

Dom and Shell - Croydon North