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There is a few different names for a roof over an Outdoor Patio area, and one we get a lot in Melbourne is Pergolas. A Pergola is essentially a Verandah without solid roof sheets.

We also get questions and some confusion about the term 'Patios', which usually refers to the entire Outdoor space including the flooring and surrounds which create your overall Patio.

Outdoor Patios Designs MelbourneWe also build many Melbourne Carports at Modern Solutions and many customers ask if our Carports are a standard size (One car, two cars etc), but our Carport designs are a customised version of our verandahs. We think that a Coloured steel Carport is the best option because we use low maintenance high gloss components to make them easy to keep looking good, and the steel has enormous strength so we can span up and over your caravan or 4-wheel drive without have lots of ugly framework that birds love to use as a seat or nesting spot.

Have a look at our Flat Roof or Gable Roof Product Pages for some ideas on how your carport could look.

Now back to where we started....Pergolas.

At Modern Solutions we have some customers who want a Roof over their Outdoor sitting area, and a Verandah around the corner to cover the back of the house, but they sometimes don't want to completely cover a garden bed or some South facing windows between the 2 areas.

Pergola design MelbourneA Stratco Pergola can be a great compromise as it allows you to continue the design theme between the two main areas whilst keeping your prized garden thriving. Pergolas can consist of only the frame, or we can add shade cloth to allow filtered sunlight through for areas such as a Fernery.

Patio Pergola MelbourneThe Stratco Shade Blade system is a series of fixed Blades that are fixed to the top of the frame. The blades can be run North/South or East/West depending an whether you want to maximize the Winter sun and keep out the Summer sun, or perhaps you would prefer to have the Morning Sun coming through while keeping out the Hot afternoon Sun.

Unlike our Sunroof design, the Shade Blades cannot be moved with a remote control so our design consultants can take you through these points before you decide which system best suits your needs.

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