Flat Roof Patio Melbourne

Flat Patio Designs

Homeowners in the greater Melbourne area like the thought of relaxing in their own back yards. Making improvements so that you, family members and guests can get together to enjoy backyard atmosphere without worrying about the weather is sure to bring great pleasure.

The Flat Roof patio design can extend your current usable area.

The Flat Roof design affordable.

This simple addition is sure to bring you and your family much enjoyment for years to come.

Flat Roof Patio Design Versatility

The Flat Roof design configuration allows such a roof to be used for patios, verandahs and carports with ease. Design choices include one with a maximum clear span of 4.5 metres. This roof, when attached to the house wall, requires only outside beams for support. Extra support beams and a purlin through the middle make clear spans of up to 8.4 metres possible. Other design choices include one with an overhang at the front to increase the covered area as well as designs using support beams that allow roof sheets to run horizontally.

Once the dimensions for the roof are decided, determine the best direction for the sheeting to be installed. Consider the flow of rainwater from any attached structures as well as whether the flat roof will adjoin a gable roof or curved roof.

Design versatility extends to the ability to let natural light into your newly planned outdoor area by incorporating Rooflite® panels as part of the roof. Accessories such as heated panels and additional lighting allow you to provide ambience and year-round comfort.

Find a Design That Works for You

The design experts at Modern Solutions listen to your ideas and help you select a design that you will be proud of. On-site design advice by our registered, accredited master builder, 3D visualisation of your new Flat Roof design, and our total commitment to the completion of your project give you a stress-free experience. We do all the hard work, including securing any necessary permits.


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