• 26Jul2018

    Why Colorbond is a Great Option for your Patio?

    Colorbond Patio

    Colorbond has proven to be a great option for patio roofing due to the increase in its popularity; it has a wide range of design ranging from Corrie to Mono clad roofing and a wide variety of shades. It has been made and tested in Australia hence it is suitable to all Australian weather conditions.

    Colorbond Described

    BlueScope steel is the manufacturers of Colorbond, in Australia. No matter what part of Australia you reside in, Colorbond is a good choice since it is made to suit all weather conditions.

    Points to Consider When Selecting Colours

    Deciding on the shade for your patio that’s going to be attached to your home is difficult because you can’t take the risk of messing up since it is in the outdoors and is meant for public display.

    This is why many people hire consultants who have experience in choosing shades that will help enhance the features of their house, protect it and make it look more beautiful. While considering shades you might want to stick to those that will make your house look new, stand out and doesn’t make it look dull or old.

    Stratco PatioIf you have a good idea of what you want the structure to look like, then selecting a colour for your patio or roof won’t be much of a problem.

    If you have an old house but decide on adding a new patio to it because you have extra space on your property you have to take into consideration that your new patio should blend in well with the existing look, one way to do that will be to choose a shade that goes well with your house.

    For some clients their house is new and so they already know which Colorbond shade to select along with the guttering and down pipe selections.

    For other clients who would be renovating their home and the outdoor space choosing the right shade to match the future colour scheme is very important.

    For clients having old houses that date back to the 70’s and early 80’s finding the right Colorbond shade means they will have to deal with the classic range of shades to help enhance their home and their patio.

    When you are selecting a shade for your patio, make sure that it matches the house and doesn’t look like it was a last minute decision or it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

    Hence, if you are having a hard time making a selection it would be advisable to hire a consultant who is experienced and can help you.

    Other Products of Colorbond

    There are other roofing options that use Colorbond steel. Bondor’s ‘Solarspan and Insulroof’ roofing’s uses Colorbond steel to create insulated roofing sheets and are proving to be quite popular for their added thermal properties and sleek appearance. Fielder’s C-dek roofing is also another option that is famous for its clean finish and use of fewer steel beams under the patio.

    In addition to roofing, Colorbond also supplies guttering, flashings and downpipes which are available in different shades.

    List of Colours

    There are 22 Colorbond colours to select from. These 22 colours are divided into two groups- classic and contemporary colours.

    There are 8 shades in the classic range out of which ‘classic cream’ and ‘manor red’ are very popular.

    These 8 shades are:

    1. Classic cream.
    2. Cottage green.
    3. Deep Ocean.
    4. Manor red.
    5. Night sky.
    6. Pale eucalypt.
    7. Paperbark.
    8. Woodland grey.

    There are 14 hues in the contemporary range from which some of them have very Australian names like ‘gully’, ‘mangroves’ and ‘wallaby’. They are:

    1. Basalt.
    2. Cove.
    3. Dune.
    4. Evening haze
    5. Gully.
    6. Ironstone.
    7. Jasper.
    8. Mangrove.
    9. Monument.
    10. Shale grey.
    11. Surfmist.
    12. Terrain.
    13. Wallaby.
    14. Windspray.

    Colorbond has recently release 5 new matte finishes that have become popular due to the increase in demand.

    From the contemporary range the 5 hues that are available in matte are- ‘Basalt’, ‘Dune’, ‘Monument’, ‘Shale grey’ and ‘Surfmist’.

    Out of the 22 colours available, 3 of these are double sided shades that are available in the same colour and not a mix of colours. The 3 shades that are double-sided are ‘Paperbark’, ‘Surfmist’ and ‘Classic cream’ but there are no double-sided hues available in matte finish.

    Options to Consider

    Patio MelbourneWhile selecting hues don’t just select the shade of your Colorbond roof but also consider the colour selection for your patio guttering, the flashings as well as the down pipes.

    Since it is outdoors and directly connected to your house it is very important for your patio as a whole to blend with your house and not look like it belongs to someone else’s house.

    Make sure to choose your down pipe, flashings and gutter colour and design to match your new patio. There is an option of the Australian steel frame patio which will be powder-coated in one of the selected Colorbond colours.

    Some clients choose contrasting colours that have a darker frame to offset the lighter roof sheets or vice versa while some want their patio to look seamless so they go for only one colour. With the availability of matte finishes you can even mix two of the same colours for a unique look.

    Popular Colorbond Colours

    ‘Classic cream’ is the most requested colour by clients with ‘Surfmist’, ‘Ironstone’ and ‘Monument’ following it.

    ‘Classic cream’ is popular because it has been available in the market for a longer period and is a safer bet to use on both old and new homes. Classic cream also works well with darker Colorbond colours as a nice contrast.

    Contemporary colours are mostly used on new houses because of the various modern designs and styles that can be used.

    Using the official Colorbond website, you can even change the colours of the roof, gutters, down pipes and flashings which will help you visualise these colours on your new patio.



    The 3 optional double sided Colorbond roof sheets do not include any extra cost but the 5 new Colorbond finishes in matte as well as the Ultra roofing range do cost extra. There is no better quality roofing than Colorbond. You can finish off your new patio using the Colorbond steel to make your patio stand out and last for a longer period through any weather condition.


    Colorbond offers you a wide variety of colours to help enhance your house and patio.

    You now have an option to build your patio according to how you might have visualised it because of the different colours and finishes that it has to offer you. Colorbond also is very durable and can handle any type of weather.

    For better results with your patio do not forget to select the same or a contrasting colour for your down pipe, gutters and flashing.