• 30May2018

    Which is Better to Design a Carport? Gable Roof or Flat Roof

    Carports are an extremely valuable addition to any building or private property. They not only serve the purpose of sheltering your vehicle but also come in handy when you have guests over. Apart from this, they also contribute toward the exterior design of your house. Whether you choose to have them set up in the front outdoor area or backyard, they blend in effortlessly, giving the property a modern touch. MORE
  • 26Feb2018

    Cut Back On Car Insurance Expenditure with Carports

    A car is considered a personal item, and one of the most important of all other personal items to be precise. It can be next to impossible to imagine life without the comfort of your car, which is why maintaining the same is very important. MORE
  • 06Nov2017

    The Different Types of Carport Designs

    Carport Designs Melbourne
    Off late, carports have become rather popular amongst home-owners in Melbourne. Their functionality and availability in a number of designs can be credited as the reason for the same. MORE
  • 08Feb2017

    5 Reasons Carports Add Value To Your Property

    There’s a reason it’s called home sweet home and that’s because home is where the heart is. Our home is our zone of peace and comfort and after a long exhausting day all we wish for is to be in our own home in our own fortress of comfort. MORE
  • 06Dec2016

    Things you should to know about Carports

    Carport infographic
    Want to learn about carports then get ready to uncover the best guide. Our Infographics helps you understand the types of carport, its benefits and how it increase the home value. MORE
  • 24Aug2016

    Carport or Garage?

    Carport designs
    A patio roof lets you enjoy the calmness keeping your away from the suffering of harsh Melbourne climate. Modern Solutions offers lovely designs and styles for elegant patio roofing MORE