• 22Jun2016

    The Benefits of Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass

    If you have a backyard, you’ll want a perfectly manicured lawn, vibrantly green, and beautifully soft so you can lie back and enjoy those sunny days. But it’s hard spending your days trying to achieve that impossibly high standard.

    Have you considered an artificial lawn? There are many reasons to think about installing artificial lawn, and quality artificial lawn developed for the Australian climate is well worth your consideration.

    Here are just some of the benefits of artificial grass.

    Low maintenance

    Real grass can be a hassle. Yes, there are pros but to really see the benefits, you have to put in a lot of energy, time, and money.

    To care for a lawn, you have to pay for a lawn mower and most likely lawn mower maintenance, a whipper snipper to keep it neat, fertiliser to try to grow it evenly, and then all the water you pour into it.

    Costs can be compounded further if you can’t mow your own lawn for whatever reason. If you can’t do it yourself, you’ll have to pay someone to mow your lawn regularly.

    And at the end of the day it might not even reflect all the energy you put into it. Which can be especially heartbreaking!

    The beauty of artificial grass is that the installation will be the only cost you’ll incur. It’s extremely low maintenance. It never needs mowing and you don’t have to whipper snip the edges. It’s installed and immediately (and for a long period of time) looks pretty well perfect.

    If you had the odd weed sprout up in the past, you may still have these pop up. In this case, you’d treat the weed exactly as you would have before – with weed killer or by yanking it out of the ground. If you have pets using the lawn for ‘when nature calls’, after picking up after them, you might also like to hose the lawn down occasionally to clean it, and that’s it!


    We all like good quality, well maintained real grass that looks and feels like real grass. But the combination of the low maintenance, costs associated with artificial grass and recent innovations within the industry may change your mind.

    If you are considering getting artificial lawn, you have to pay mind to quality. Australian Outdoor Living makes an effort to produce artificial lawn that is as natural looking and feeling as possible.

    They developed their artificial grass especially for the Australian climate, so while your neighbour’s lawn will be yellow and dry at the peak of summer, your artificial lawn will look like an oasis.


    You might also be considering the environmental impact of trying to keep your natural lawn healthy. Australia’s climate is very hard on grass, especially if you’re trying to keep it looking up to scratch.

    You know the water bill hits your hip pocket, but what about the environment? With water restrictions, pollution from lawn chemicals, and carbon emissions from petrol lawn mowers, natural grass isn’t, in fact, very green at all.

    But artificial lawn lets you have your green grass without the cost to you, or the environment.


    Artificial lawn is a better choice in many situations. Is the ground around your swimming pool looking a little worse for wear

    It’s a high traffic area, and gets wet every time the kids do a cannonball into the pool, making a muddy mess. Artificial lawn will keep mud and dirt away from your pool and the house.

    It’s great for high traffic areas, including in the dog run, or under a marquee. There is a lot of design ideas that only work with artificial grass, whether that be artificial grass accompanying timber decking, or on a concrete floor.

    Artificial lawn is also the best choice for those spaces that are small and unsuited to natural lawn like courtyards or balconies.

    Artificial grass

    Paying for a good quality artificial lawn may seem like a big commitment, but it can work out to be a better investment than natural lawn, better for the environment and much easier to maintain.

    Each to their own, but we just can’t seem to get past the many benefits that an artificial lawn provides!

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    Alex Kuchel
    National Brand Manager

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