• 06Nov2017

    The Different Types of Carport Designs

    Carport Designs Melbourne
    Off late, carports have become rather popular amongst home-owners in Melbourne. Their functionality and availability in a number of designs can be credited as the reason for the same. MORE
  • 01Sep2017

    Getting Smart About Cooling for Outdoor Living with Cooldek

    The one thing you can be sure of, in living in a country with extreme weathers, is the amplified abundance of heat in the summer season. An outdoor living space is meant to provide you with a little bit of indoor shelter amidst the outdoors. MORE
  • 08Aug2017

    How to Choose the Ideal Material for Your Dream Pergola

    Summer is one of the seasons you look forward to after chilly winter especially if you own a garden that you pride yourself in. A better feeling is to be able to enjoy your beautiful garden without getting too much sun especially on a pleasant summer day while reading a book or sipping on a cup of coffee. MORE
  • 02Jun2017

    The Perfect Guide to Owning an Ideal Verandah

    Ideal Verandah
    Renovating your outdoor area is always a good idea, and who wouldn’t want to utilise the extra space in their front yard to upgrade their home? MORE
  • 08May2017

    Verandahs and Pergolas 101

    We take pride in our homes. The home is our hub and we tend to everything in our home. We go from eating to sleeping to bathing in there. It is the place we are the most comfortable and relaxed in. MORE
  • 03Apr2017

    Foolproof Tips For Selecting The Ideal Stratco Outback Design For Your Outdoor Extension

    It might surprise you to know that no matter what type of stratco outback design you plan on building for your property the design principles are the same be it a stratco outback verandah, stratco ouback pergola , patio or carport. MORE
  • 08Mar2017

    Top Ways To Add Value To Your Home For Next To Nothing

    If you’ve made the decision that it’s time to sell up, then you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible price for your home. But how can you make sure your property is in top selling shape without having to fork over the money for some serious renovations? MORE
  • 08Feb2017

    5 Reasons Carports Add Value To Your Property

    There’s a reason it’s called home sweet home and that’s because home is where the heart is. Our home is our zone of peace and comfort and after a long exhausting day all we wish for is to be in our own home in our own fortress of comfort. MORE
  • 16Dec2016

    Verandahs - Add Beauty, Functionality & Value to your Home

    Do you know! How Verandahs add value to your home? Read this infographic to discover how to enhance your property value. MORE
  • 06Dec2016

    Things you should to know about Carports

    Carport infographic
    Want to learn about carports then get ready to uncover the best guide. Our Infographics helps you understand the types of carport, its benefits and how it increase the home value. MORE
  • 24Aug2016

    Carport or Garage?

    Carport designs
    A patio roof lets you enjoy the calmness keeping your away from the suffering of harsh Melbourne climate. Modern Solutions offers lovely designs and styles for elegant patio roofing MORE
  • 22Jun2016

    The Benefits of Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass
    If you have a backyard, you’ll want a perfectly manicured lawn, vibrantly green, and beautifully soft so you can lie back and enjoy those sunny days. But it’s hard spending your days trying to achieve that impossibly high standard. MORE
  • 17Feb2016

    Everything to Know About Adding a Roof to Your Outdoor Space

    Patio Design
    Renovating an outdoor space by adding a roof is a great way to increase a home’s value and appeal. If you’re looking for a pergola, stratco or carport design Melbourne residents could benefit from using, there are many features to take into consideration. MORE
  • 16Jan2016

    Why Pergolas Are Perfect for Summertime Fun at Home

    Pergolas Melbourne
    Pergolas come with many perks. People throughout Melbourne add gorgeous patio pergola designs to their properties when they want to create perfect summertime entertainment areas. A pergola’s roof offers the ideal amount of shade to keep you and your guests cool and covered during outdoor recreation and relaxation. MORE
  • 04Nov2015

    The Perks of Adding a Covered Patio to Your Home

    patio your home
    If your home doesn’t have patio roofing, you’re missing out on amazing opportunities for entertaining guests or relaxing alone. Having a covered space right outside your door is the best way to make your home feel like it has extra square footage without actually building an addition. MORE
  • 23Sep2015

    The Modern Look of Flat Patio Roofs

    Patio Roofs
    No modern home is complete without a stunning patio roof design. When it comes to keeping patios covered, flat is the new look that has everybody raving. This concept is simply the best way to take your outdoor space and incorporate it as part of your living space without having to create a lot of complicated frills. MORE
  • 28Aug2015

    Things to Know Before Building a pergola

    Pergola design Melbourne
    If you really want to distinguish your property from the rest of the neighborhood, a pergola is a great option. A pergola is a relatively easy and cost-effective way to transform your outdoor space into an extension of your indoor space and create an attractive place to entertain guests. MORE
  • 10Jul2015

    What is the difference between patios and verandahs?

    If you are looking to make changes around the house while incorporating ways to maximize outdoor living there are quite a few options you may consider. Some of these include making fairly permanent additions. MORE
  • 27Apr2015

    How to Choose a Patio that Will Complement Your Home?

    Modern Solutions roofing Melbourne
    Patio roofs are your perfect options if you are planning to extend your home’s living space. This is done by maximising your outdoor space to its full advantage. The structure and roofing of your patio greatly contributes to how well your renovations complement the currently existing architecture that you have at home while protecting itself from extreme weather conditions. MORE
  • 21Apr2015

    6 Steps to Install Perfect Verandah for Your Melbourne Home

    Verandah builders Melbourne
    If you want to have a spot in your house where you can chill or entertain guests, having verandahs can prove to be a good idea. However, even if you want one for your home, where do you start? It is not easy to build a verandah, which makes it critical to pay attention to the six steps mentioned below. MORE